Switching the type of degree programme

Maybe your subject and the university are already exactly your thing, but you have (in the meantime) family responsibilities or work on the side, so that you simply no longer have time for your full-time studies. In this case there is the possibility of extending your studies so that you can cope well with both your studies and your other obligations.

Part-time studies

In comparison to full-time studies, there is an extended standard time to degree for part-time studies with a simultaneous reduction in the number of contact hours per week. This gives you more time for family responsibilities or your job and you can also finish your studies.

To find out more, please contact your respective Student Pathway Advice service if you want to stay in your degree programme but want to switch to a part-time programme. You can also ask the Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB) which courses of study are available as part-time courses at your university.

There are naturally many other part-time study courses on offer in Germany. The University Compass, run by the German Rectors’ Conference, contains an overview of these.

Working and studying can be combined in a part-time or career-integrated degree programme. This is a combination of studies and part-time work on a daily basis or in blocks.

You can ask the Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB) to find out which kind of degree programmes there are on offer at your university while you work.

Career-integrated studies

Distance learning

There is also the option of distance learning. In these programmes you learn on your own, which means that you will be provided with material such as (digital) scripts and online tools from the distance learning university, which you then work through on your own. The examinations are held at the end of the semester in central locations (often at universities).

Distance learning is possible both as a full-time course and as a part-time course alongside your job or other (family) commitments.

The FernUniversität Hagen (Distance Learning University Hagen) is the only, purely state-funded distance learning university in Germany and offers a wide range of subjects. It may also be the right one for you!

Dual studies

A dual degree programme combines studying and training in one. Both the Rhine-Waal and the Niederrhein Universities offer dual study programmes. One of these may also be the right one for you!