Project funding

The ‘NEXT STEP niederrhein‘ collaboration project at both the Rhine-Waal and Niederrhein Universities is funded by the state of Northrine-Westfalia NRW (Ministry for Culture and Science: ‘Early Leavers in NRW – Next Career‘ project) and the first project phase is running from 2017 to 2020.  Good news: the project will go in extra time until 2023. The results and services of ‘NEXT STEP niederrhein’ will be integrated into the two collaborative universities in the long term.

As part of the ‘Early Leavers in NRW’ project, a state-wide survey was carried out which examined the existing advisory services provided for early university leavers at NRW universities and the respective partners (employment agencies, chambers of commerce). It was revealed that almost all universities are already working on the topic of leaving university early, and some are already cooperating with regional labour market players. Since the summer of 2017, the Ministry has been funding a university competition (‘Early University Leavers NRW – Next Career‘, only in German available) a total of 13 regional projects (comprising 20 universities) on the subject of study-related doubts and quitting university. The aim of the programme is to intensify and network the activities of the universities and their partners. Advisory capacities will be expanded and tools developed further. One aim is to break any taboos related to quitting university studies.

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