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The Germany-wide Beratungsnetzwerk Studienzweifel is a newsletter for academic advisers who work primarily with students doubting their study path as well as a forum for exchanging ideas.
It’s also an opportunity to share interesting and useful information, for example effective materials, literature, links, training opportunities, amongst colleagues as well. Its goal is to professionalise advising techniques and approaches aimed at students at German universities who are struggling with their choice of study path or seriously considering dropping out altogether.
This idea was first introduced by Désirée Kruger at an academic advising conference held at the Hochschule Niederrhein, University of Applied Sciences in February 2018. The first to join the newsletter were advisers who attended the aforementioned conference or who work on Next Career projects, but people from other areas are also active. Some of the involved advisers have been working in this important advising area for some time now, while others are relatively new to the unique challenges it poses.

We are looking forward to expanding the list of contributing authors so that the newsletter truly becomes a platform of ideas and exchange.
Contributions are accepted at any time!

s network is a first attempt to connect counsellors on a national frame who work with students who have doubts about their studies.

The newsletter is published twice or three times a year and is only in German available.

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