frequent questions / FAQ

The aim of `NEXT STEP niederrhein´ is to offer you assistance and orientation if you are doubting your studies and are thinking of leaving university. To this purpose we provide information on this website, personal coaching as well as make contact with other advisory bodies. Do you have any further requests, questions or wishes?
We have compiled the most frequently asked questions for you here and perhaps you will find the right answer for you.
For further questions or requests please contact us.

‘NEXT STEP niederrhein’ is primarily aimed at students of the two collaborative universities in the Rhine-Waal and Lower Rhine areas. However, we will not refuse anyone seeking our assistance, and you might even consider switching to one or the other of the universities.

Our coaching is process-related and geared to the needs of those who are looking for advice. Usually one to three coaching sessions are sufficient, but additional sessions are possible if needed. The student seeking advice usually decides with the coach to which extent coaching is helpful.

No, coaching is available free of charge to all students of the two collaborative Rhein-Waal and Niederrhein Universities.

Of course, you may have doubts about your studies more than once. For this reason there are no time limits (neither time nor frequency) for ‘NEXT STEP niederrhein’ coaching.

Coaching is strictly confidential and takes place on a one-to-one basis, and counsellors have similar confidentiality obligations to doctors.

Coaching is also possible on an anonymous basis. Our counsellors have similar confidentiality obligations to doctors. One important option is  Online-Coaching.

Yes, it’s perfectly normal to have doubts about your studies. A lot of students feel the same! More information is available  here.

Of course this is possible. Perhaps the reasons for your doubts are related to how you organise your daily study routine. We have put together a lot of information on this topic in the ‘Continue’ section.
If you are really unsure, professional help should be sought to identify the reasons. This is available in the form of coaching at ‘NEXT STEP niederrhein’.

First you have to be clear about your objectives. Comprehensive information is available in the ‘Switch’ section.

It is important to think carefully about whether you want to stop studying and, more importantly, when! It is advisable to have some future perspective before taking any further steps. This website provides an initial overview of possible prospects, and advice and support can be obtained from our coaching service.

No, because the ‘NEXT STEP niederrhein’ concept is designed to help you to help yourself, to deal with your doubts about your studies and also to take a look at your personal interests and strengths. What we can do, however, is to refer you to various cooperation partners (such as the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Chamber of Trades, Federal Employment Agency) who can help you find a training place.

“NEXT STEP niederrhein’ is funded within the framework of the ‘Next Career’ university competition as part of the NRW project ‘Early University Leavers in NRW’ of the Ministry of Culture and Science. The employees are members of the respective universities, but do not have any content-related assignments. Coaching and information services are therefore strictly governed by the principle of neutrality. Further information on the project is available here.

Due to rising number of students who are dropping out of university throughout Germany, leaving university early is a very topical subject in politics and in the specialised sciences. A good overview of facts and figures on the subject is provided by various studies taken by the German Centre For Higher Education Research And Science Studies (DZHW).

Deutsches Zentrum für Hochschul- und Wissenschaftsforschung (DZHW).

All services of the project are naturally available to all students of the two universities. Coaching at the university campuses is therefore also available in English. However, coaching in English is not always available at all advisory bodies of external partners. The possibilities for completing a traineeship outside a course of study are limited in some places or linked to certain conditions. You should always consult your local Immigration Office.