Key qualification

What do you
need to study

Motivation and interest in the subject are obviously important prerequisites for studying successfully. There are also technical prerequisites such as mathematical knowledge for the natural sciences. At the same time, many so-called key qualifications (also called ‘soft skills’) are also important for your academic success. These include topics such as time management, presentation techniques, intercultural skills, scientific writing and much more.

The Niederrhein and Rhein-Waal Universities offer you a great deal of support in acquiring or consolidating ‘key qualifications’ . Take a look at what’s on offer to see if there is something of interest to you.

In addition to the key qualifications, everything else in your personal studying environment has to be right for you, i.e. your living situation, your finances and your own learning strategy.

We have identified some of these aspects for successful studying – and you have much more influence on these than you might think at first glance.