Achieving your goal in spite of doubts

Having doubts is perfectly normal. We all go through phases of doubt in various areas of our lives, for example in our professional careers.

You may sometimes wonder whether you are in the right place and on the right path; this is because our own wishes and motives can change again and again over the course of time. However, these conscious doubts and thoughts are necessary for us to make “course corrections” on our path through life. For this reason it is always good from time to time to take measure and reflect on how your plans are developing.

Doubts and qualms are therefore a normal process. Students often feel insecure and uncertain at the beginning of their studies, worrying that they have chosen the wrong subject as well as coping with the workload and the (new) university world in general (Fig. 1). There are therefore many students who feel unsure or insecure, but these worries do not always mean that they abandon studying all together – the thoughts shown in Figure 1 are shared by both graduates and early leavers. Studying is a new experience, and this uncertainty must first be overcome – students need to get accustomed to university life and find their way around.

Fig. 1: Getting off to a good start by graduates and early leavers – many students first have to get to grips with everyday university life when they start their studies. (Source: DZHW Student Early Leaver Study 2016)

“Only those who go their own way cannot be overtaken”.




-Marlon Brando