"Now I am almost at the end of my studies and by now I have passed all exams."

Lorena Just, zweifelte zwischenzeitlich an ihrem Studium ‘Nachhaltiger Tourismus’

The choice of the subject is actually right and somehow you enjoy studying. But somehow things aren’t really running smoothly and now you are having serious doubts about your studies. You aren’t the only one who feels this way and many students have the same worries.

Despite doubts about your current studies, there are many and often good reasons to stick to the programme you have chosen, for example if it means you can take up the career you have always wanted, if a large part of the necessary work/credits has already been achieved or if it is still in keeping with your interests. In these cases it is always worth taking a close look at where your doubts are coming from and where the actual problems are.

Testimonial Lorena – NEXT STEP niederrhein

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