Immediate measures:
Evaluate your situation!

Do you have the feeling that your studies are not going well? Somehow you have a strange feeling and it is getting harder and harder to motivate yourself? Are you starting to wonder if studying is right for you?

Here we have provided some first aid measures to help you gauge your situation:

Checklist for your studying situation

You may not be really sure about what is actually happening right now. You are unhappy or worried, but you can’t say exactly where it comes from or why you feel this way. Does going into counselling with such a confused feeling seem weird to you? It doesn’t have to, but it’s understandable if it does.

Sometimes it helps to try to sort things yourself first. Take your time and work through the sheet available here to help you reflect. This may already make your situation clearer and you can search more specifically for help and information, also on this website.

Online test for your studying situation

The “Student Self-Reflection Tool Prevdrop” is an online tool for self-reflection on your current studying situation. This gives students the opportunity to first take a look at their own situation and to obtain important information about the help and support available. This is an initial step towards solving problems or making decisions. The test takes about 20 minutes and you will be given feedback on your results as well as some initial information. You are welcome to bring this evaluation to the coaching session if you wish.