Personal support when students doubt or break off their studies

If you tell friends and family that you have doubts about your studies, you will probably get a lot of well-meant advice: “You have to stick with it”, “Well, when I had doubts at the time, I …” or “Do what you really enjoy doing”. These conversations can help you to reassess your situation, but sometimes you need a neutral counterpart who can take an impartial look at your situation without taking your personal attitudes or experiences into account and who listens to and advises you.

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Coaching is a solution-focused form of counselling that focuses on your entire (decision-making) process and all the perspectives that you would like. There are many reasons for students to doubt their studies and everyone experiences them differently. There is therefore no “one size fits all” plan of action for students in this position. During the coaching sessions we work together to find the right path for you. The central focus is on self-reflection and setting goals: Where am I right now? Where do I want to go? What do I have to do to achieve this goal? Our range of services is rounded off with tips on research strategies and referral to the relevant contacts in the network.

Coaching at your own campus
Coaching is offered at all campuses of the Rhine-Waal and Niederrhein Universities. After you have made an appointment, the sessions are held in a confidential atmosphere on the campus of your choice. At the first meeting you will discuss your current situation and one or more follow-up appointments can be arranged depending on your individual needs. Several appointments can be useful, as phases of research and (self-)reflection often alternate. The appointments last from 45 to 90 minutes, depending on your needs.

Online coaching
Are you currently living or staying far away from the campus? Do your children have to be cared for at home and is it difficult to make an appointment at the university right now? No problem. We also offer you initial consultation or coaching appointments online. With the Adobe Connect tool we can have a personal conversation from your own home or from anywhere else you can access a computer. These sessions are held in the virtual consultation chat room, which is created for each consultation and then deleted. In addition to conversations, video chats as well as joint viewing of documents or websites are also possible. Previous knowledge of Adobe Connect is not necessary. All you need is a stable internet connection and a computer with a microphone and camera. Details are communicated in advance by email or telephone.

Coaching is confidential and therefore your data will also be treated confidentially. This means that no-one is given any information. Should you wish to coordinate with another advisory body, any exchange of information requires your express consent. For statistical reasons to assist with the evaluation of the project we will ask you for some information during the coaching sessions which is, however, anonymised. Neither your name nor matriculation number are saved anywhere.

Coaching is available to all students of both universities and is therefore offered in both German and English. International students must bear in mind that counselling of external network partners is generally given in German and that the Immigration Office should be involved, depending on their individual situation.

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Appointments can be made by email or phone with the respective employee at your own university and are generally available at short notice.

University Niederrhein

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University Rhine-Waal

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