Interested Companies

Many companies have recognized there are several good reasons for hiring study drop-outs as apprentices or employees.

Stefan Löb,

Executive director of the Elektro Löb GmbH & Co. KG:

“I’ve had good experiences with study dropouts in my company!”

Most companies are always looking for motivated and qualified junior staff. Especially at a time of shortage of skilled workers, a real fight has developed on the job market for applicants with correspondingly good educational background. In addition, companies recognize that changing a study course or stopping to study is not failure, but rather a part of the process of vocational orientation.

Students often discover their true profession only as part of their study start and then start motivated and purposeful. Positive side effects are both professional qualifications acquired in the course of study so far, as well as personal experiences through the process of doubt and decision-making.

Supporting young people in their search for a suitable vocational qualification is equally part of the job of the economy, family, politics and education system alike. Therefore, it is nice to see that more and more companies have recognized the potential of study dropouts as apprentices or employees and approach this target group in a targeted manner.

The following list registers companies who are looking forward to your application!

UnternehmenBranchePLZ/OrtAus-bildungPraktikumdirekter Berufs-einstieg
Wilh.Schulz GmbH
Handel47809 Krefeldjaneinnein
Voortmann GmbH & Co. KG
Technik47661 Issumjajaja
IT-Branche47906 Kempenjajanein
Sensis GmbH
IT-Branche41747 Viersenjajaja
Provinzial Gebietsdirkektion MG
Versicherung41069 Mönchengladbachjajaja
Deutsche Bahn AG
Dienstleistung47051 Duisburgjajanein
Stadt Viersen
Kommunalverwaltung41747 Viersenjaneinnein
Alders electronic GmbH
Technik47906 Kempenjajaja
Aluminium Norf GmbH
Verarbeitung41468 Neussjajaja
Neue Arbeit Service GmbH
Personaldienstleistung41169 Mönchengladbachjajaja
tel-inform Customer Services GmbH
Dienstleistung47533 Klevejaneinja
Elektro Löb GmbH & Co. KG
Technik41066 Mönchengladbachjajaja
Sparkasse Neuss
Banken-Finanzdienstleistung41460 Neussjajanein
FKR Krefeld Regeltechnik KG
Handel47829 Krefeldjaneinnein
bofrost Dienstleistungs GmbH & Co.KG
Handel47638 Straelenjajaja
Stadtsparkasse Mönchengladbach
Banken-Finanzdienstleistung41061 Mönchengladbachjaneinnein
IMR Innovative Metal Recycling GmbH
Recycling47809 Krefeldjajaja
In Time Personaldienstleistungen
Personaldienstleistung41061 Mönchengladbachjajaja
Rheinland Versicherungen Neuss
Versicherung41460 Neussjajaja
Vodafone GmbH
Telekommunikation40549 Düsseldorfjaneinnein
ITZ Informationstechnologie-Zentrum Rhein/Maas GmbH
IT-Branche41238 Mönchengladbachjajaja
Volksbank Niederrhein eG
Banken- Finanzdienstleister46519 Alpenjaneinnein
GIS Personallogistik GmbH
Personaldienstleister41237 Mönchengladbachjaneinja
BAUEN+LEBEN Service GmbH & Co. KG
Handel47805 Krefeldjajaja
Hepp-Schwamborn GmbH & Co. KG
Elektrotechnik41238 Mönchengladbachjajanein
SCS - Ihr IT Partner GmbH
IT-Branche41066 Mönchengladbachjajanein
Stadtverwaltung Mönchengladbach
Kommunalverwaltung41236 Mönchengladbachjaneinnein
Katharina Kasper Via Nobis GmbH
Gesundheit & Soziales52538 Gangeltjajaja
Sparkasse Rhein-Maas
Banken- Finanzdienstleister47533 Klevejaneinnein
Elektro47661 Issumjajanein
macle GmbH
IT-Branche47574 Gochjaneinja
Volksbank an der Niers eG
Banken- Finanzdienstleister47608 Geldernjajanein
Kreis Kleve
Kommunalverwaltung47533 Kklevejajanein
Streamo IT Consulting GmbH
IT-Branche47807 Krefeldjajaja
Wolters Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH
KFZ-Branche47546 Kalkarjajaja
KPP Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH
Dienstleistung47533 Klevejajanein
Handel47652 Weezejajaja
>Horlemann Automation & IT GmbH Uedemjajanein
Horlemann Elektrobau GmbH
Elektrotechnik47589 Uedemjajanein
AOK Rheinland/Hamburg
Versicherung47533 Klevejaneinnein
Nacke Logistk GmbH www.nacke-logistik.deLogistik47623 Kevelaerjajaja
Q-railing Europe GmbH & Co. KG
Handel46446 Emmerichjaneinnein
D-Consult J & M GmbH
IT Branche47445 Moersjajaja
Handel47661 Issumjajaja
Westdeutsche Dochtfabrik GmbH & Co. KG
Handel41334 Nettetaljaneinnein
Schaffrath GmbH & Co. KG
Handel41238 Mönchengladbachjajanein

If YOUR COMPANY has not yet been entered, you can request the registration form under! Here you find the registration form for the admission of your company to the list.

We are pleased to welcome further companies on the left Lower Rhine.

Study dropuots are welcome! – Make a statement!

With the new symbol, companies are showing that they have recognised the potential of young people who are leaving university and are looking forward to their application.

Do you and your company also want to set an example and welcome students who have dropped out of their studies? Here you can download the file and the registration form for entering your company in the list free of charge.

We look forward to your participation!

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For international students who want to quit their studies, working in Germany may also be an option under certain circumstances. Inform yourself in good time about which requirements must be met, even before exmatriculation, in particular regarding visas. In addition to an employment contract with a German company, you will need, for example, recognition of your vocational qualification, an appropriate visa and, if required, good language skills. You can obtain information from the Immigration Office responsible for you or from the website