Starting your own business is another alternative after leaving university before graduating.

The right idea and sufficient experience in the subject area are a good basis for self-employment. Nevertheless, there are some things to consider and risks to weigh up.

The Hochschule Rhine-Waal runs a project entitled the Lower Rhine Innovation and Foundation Offensive (IGNI) and offers information and support for business founders.

The Hochschule Niederrhein has a lively start-up scene and a wide range of offers to help young entrepreneurs.

In addition, the Lower Rhine area offers a number of other counselling and support programmes.

Under certain circumstances it may also be possible for international students who drop out of their studies to start a business and work in Germany. In this case, detailed preparation is also necessary, applications must be submitted and other arrangements made which usually require planning ahead. You can also be granted a visa for starting a business if you meet all the necessary requirements. Further information can be obtained from your local Immigration Office or here: