Depending on your professional field and previous education, it may also be possible to apply for a job immediately after leaving University.

If, for example, you have completed an apprenticeship, it is quite possible to apply to companies in the relevant sector and highlight the additional experience you have gained and the latest subject matter in your studies to date. Some branches, e.g. the IT sector, are often very interested in students who have dropped out of their studies and who have experience in corresponding degree programmes. This does not mean that a career is no longer possible, as there are various opportunities for further education and training as well as qualification opportunities alongside work.

Simply contact the Federal Employment Agency for advice and assistance in finding a job. On their “Jobbörse” you will find advertisements for jobs.
One service offered by the Kleve Job Centre is the new job exchange for the entire district of Kleve and the surrounding area. Here you will find advertisements for jobs, internships and apprenticeships. You can access the job exchange at

And you will find advertisements for Jobs here

It is definitely also a good idea to ask the Career Service of your university which jobs are currently available there. You can also get help there to write your application.

Here you can find a salary calculator for IT jobs. Find out how much you can earn in the IT world.

Job portals are also helpful in finding a job.

This link provides a helpful list of different job portals.

Job portals can be divided into the following categories:

  • Search engines that only search for vacancies, e.g.:
  • Mega job portals:
  • Target group job portals that search for vacancies in specific work areas. A comprehensive list can be found at
  • Job portals for specific age groups, e.g. for students: or
  • Furthermore, company job portals can be found on the respective company website

For international students who want to quit their studies, working in Germany may also be an option under certain circumstances. Inform yourself in good time about which requirements must be met, even before exmatriculation, in particular regarding visas. In addition to an employment contract with a German company, you will need, for example, recognition of your vocational qualification, an appropriate visa and, if required, good language skills. You can obtain information from the Immigration Office responsible for you or from the website