Recognition of academic achievements

Even if your studies are no longer the right thing for you and you make a new decision today, this does not mean that all the work of the last semesters was in vain!

In addition to the many new experiences and skills you have gained, you have also achieved concrete results, collected credit points and therefore further qualified yourself professionally. These achievements are justified and can be credited to you under certain circumstances. Very important: If you are leaving university, make sure that you can provide suitable proof.

Credit towards
training time

With the approval of the training company, it is possible to reduce the duration of vocational training to 24 months, in special individual cases to 18 months, provided that you have the (technical) university entrance qualification.
However, this must be clarified in individual cases with the company and the respective vocational school, as some specialised subjects specify a minimum school period of two years. In dual training professions, a minimum training time must be complied with. The minimum training period is 24 months for professions requiring three and a half years of training, and 18 months for professions requiring three years. For more information contact the Counselling Network.

Advanced training examination

Admission to an advanced training examination (e.g. master craftsperson or business administrator) is possible in individual cases for students who decide to stop studying. In this case an individual examination by the respective chamber is necessary, which is in line with your completed vocational training, if any, or also to subject-related academic achievements (at least 39 months) in connection with relevant practical experience (at least 18 months). In addition, you must have obtained at least 120 ECTS points. In certain circumstances your knowledge will be assessed in a technical interview.
Contact details for the responsible chambers can be obtained from the Counselling Network.

Advanced training examination

Final examination without training

 Admission to the final examination before the responsible Chamber of Industry and Commerce is possible in special cases for students who have dropped out of their studies. Prerequisite for this is, for example, a relevant period of study in a subject related to the respective profession (at least 27 months) in connection with a demonstrably extensive practical activity (at least 6 months) during or after the course of study. In addition, you must have obtained at least 60 ECTS credits. People with university experience must take the final vocational examination in its entirety. Existing academic achievements do not mean that trainees are exempted from examinations in the respective areas.
In the craft trades, admission to the external examinations without training may also be an option. You must, however, be able to prove that you have worked one and a half times the duration of the training period in a professional capacity. Specialised periods of practical training can be recognised to this purpose. You will also have to have the individual case investigated by the Chamber of Trade.

For international students, access to academic or dual courses is subject to various requirements. It is particularly important for students to have a good command of the German language. Please note that counselling is therefore usually offered in German.