Stopping studying

Stopping studying

"The hardest part was to take a final decision."

Lisa-Marie Hetges, studierte Arbeits-
und Organisationspsychologie und kehrt
nun zurück in die Erwerbstätigkeit

“Many roads lead to Rome." Studying is only one way to obtain a vocational qualification or to work in the field that you want to be in.

With a higher education entrance qualification and academic achievements to date, students who have decided to stop their studies are attractive applicants on the employment and training market. The training landscape in Germany also offers various opportunities to obtain a degree or qualification and find an alternative to studying.

Testimonial Lisa Marie – NEXT STEP niederrhein

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More success stories

Alicia: From teacher training to vocational training

I always wanted to become a teacher. After graduating with “Abitur” in 2015 from a commercial high school, I decided to pursue my aim and applied at several universities in NRW. During the registration processes at the universities, I noticed I had no chance to enter my favourite subject “German” because my numerus clausus of 3.0 was not sufficient. Finally, I had to think of alternative study subjects and I decided on history, not least because the numerus clausus was not as high as for other subjects. Even my favourite university did not meet my expectations and because of that, I decided for the University of Cologne. This was the first time I doubted my decision.

Successful study dropout Alicia, 23 (photo: private)

Yannik: From industrial engeneering studies to vocational training

It took a while until I finally decided to study. This was mainly because I was already insecure then, whether studying would be the right thing to do for me.

My cohort was the first to graduate from the “G8-Abitur”. When I was just 18, I already had the higher education entrance qualification – but what I would want to do for a living later I did not know at this point. To make the most of the decision-making time, I decided on a voluntary, social year. However, at the end of the FSJ I had to deal again with the question how I should continue with my professional education.

Successful study dropout Yannik (photo: private)

Finn: From physics studies to vocational training

After graduating from school, I decided on a physics study program at the University of Cologne. At this point, I knew I wanted to work in a job that relates to natural sciences. What I did not know at all was what this job could be.

The study program was very time-consuming because on the one hand, like I expected, I had to learn a lot of theory and at the same time, I had to hand in weekly homework in several courses. I had to achieve average points of 50% to be eligible for the course exam. The admission to the exams I always achieved, however, the exams went not always well for me. This was the point when my first doubts arose.

Successful study dropout Finn (photo: private)